Allora ... I'm going to tell you the story of how it all began?

This is what I have done so far:

Size systems
Single sizes
Body measurements

Why Favorelli?

Favorelli’s origins date back to a Christmas mailing of an old-established print-shop in Stuttgart, Germany ...

In the end of 2009, we designed two handy, small 32-page-booklets with note-taking fields for various clothing sizes, separated for men and women. Simple, beautiful ... and the most successful Christmas mailing in years:

„I always needed something like this!“
„Why didn’t such a booklet exist before?“
„Finally I can get my wife something fitting!“
„So beautifully small and practical!“

Apparently, the need for a simple, handy and personal size guide was overwhelming.

It was obvious to create this for the iPhone: it’s also handy, always available and can carry way more information than a 32 pages booklet. An „app“ would also be much more practical than a website: it will work offline without internet connectivity - particularly helpful for buying situations in foreign countries where roaming charges are expensive. Besides that, an app is also able to work with complex calculations like size conversions in a user-friendly way.

Why clothing sizes?

Anyone who’s bought fashion items for oneself, the spouse or friends knows it: the sizes for pullovers, blazers, underwear or sports shoes resemble a byzantine jumble of figures and characters!

Hardly anyone understands what’s behind the various labels. The staff of fashion shops don’t help either: just ask someone from a well-known swedish discount retailer what’s up with the „C“ or „K“ suffices of fashion sizes ...

The globalization and online shopping make it even more complicated: foreign size systems are a book of seven seals. Nevertheless, we’re being tormented with them when shooping online.

Did you know that your American shoe size 10 is a German 44? Ok, that was relatively easy. But that your sneaker’s shoe size 10 will be way to big compared to a German 44? And that an English 10 isn’t the same 10 as in America? This is just the tip of the iceberg ...

The fashion industry has been dragging its feet for decades sorting out the chaos for their customers: There were and are heroic efforts to standardize. However, no initiative has prevailed up to now. Designers, producers and retailers are stuck in traditions.

This is why archaic units like the „Parisian stitch“ for feet lengths - dating back to the 1800’s - are surprisingly persistent. Let alone the inertia of the unit „inch“, which is still being used in Anglo-American regions while almost everyone else adopted the metric system. On top of that, inches aren’t the same in USA and Great Britain. You’ll learn it the hard way when you’re buying a nice borsalino.

So, in the end this is the reason why you’ll need Favorelli: Your skillful companion in the sizing jungle of the fashion world, personalized and providing a perfect memory.

Why now?

Looking back to our initial research in the beginning of 2010, it seemed obvious why no one else established a complete international documentation of size systems:

It’s just incredible how much effort goes into collecting all this information. You’re digging down into ageing, incomplete and faulty sources. And at the end, you might go grey when you discover yet another new system somewhere - again!

We focussed our research on where the problems and needs are palpable: visited numerous fashion outlets of different provenances and studied labels carefully (under the mystified looks of the staff). All the while, professional literature has been studied, from time to time hindered by enormous paywalls.

Not only is Favorelli’s true value rooted in breadth but especially in its depth: for every size system we checked which values therein are used altogether and which values are related to gender, age-groups and particular articles. In the process, we consulted experts on this field, e.g. trained dressmakers, boutique owners and experts from multinational fashion corporations.

Where to go from here?

Now that we’ve started, we’re going to stay persistent. Next up, we will focus on the relation of sizes and body measurements, learning the black art of converting from one size system to another. Speaking of that, it’s just scary how plain wrong some of the common conversion tables on the internet are.

However, our developement strategy is two-fold, also targeting enhanced communication: the personal Favorelli „card“ which contains all important sizes, reveals its value when shared with others - using e-mail, Facebook or a central Favorelli archive in the cloud. This way, you’ll always get fitting fashion and accessories from others! At least, granny’s hand-knitted pullover for Christmas will finally fit. Admittedly, we can’t guarantee that you’ll like it - well, we’re still working on that one.

My diary

November 2011

Another big milestone accomplished: The conversion base for bra sizes is complete.
You can't get any further away from Germany: Favorelli users in New Zealand.
After lots of work the new core for Favorelli 2.0 runs: A new module for size conversion!
Big photo shooting at two tribes, featuring Giuseppe Favorelli! A vital part of the user interface for version 2.0.