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  • Design

  • Adobe Freehand

    Design concept, logo design
  • Adobe Fireworks

    Logo, app & website design, slice production
  • Adobe PhotoShop

    Retouching & composing
  • Apple Aperture

    Photo management
  • LinoType FontExplorer

    Font management
  • Nikon D80

    Photo shooting
  • OmniGroup OmniGraffle Professional

    Wireframes, UX concept
  • Technology

  • Apache Tomcat

    Dynamic webpages
  • Apache WebServer

  • Apple Terminal

    Server management
  • Apple XCode

    App developement
  • CodeBox JBoard

    Dynamic webpages, database
  • iXpoint PlistBrowser

    Quality assurance, debugging
  • Linux CommandLine

    Server management
  • Panic Coda

    Software development website, app localization
  • Panic Transmit

    Server management
  • Sun Java

    Dynamic webpages
  • two tribes CoreLib

    Dynamic webpages
  • Organization

  • Apple iPhone Configuration Utility

    Bug reporting
  • Apple Numbers

    Project management, app localization
  • Apple Safari

    Testing & website editing
  • Atlassian JIRA

    Project management, bug/issue tracking
  • Mozilla Firefox

    Testing & website editing
  • OmniGroup OmniOutliner Professional

    Project management, website concept
  • two tribes Jupiter

    Project management